Polar Bear Pitching welcomes startups to Oulu

Polar Bear Pitching welcomes startups to Oulu, an innovative city in Northern Finland on Feb 14th-15th 2017! Unlike in all other pitching competitions, in Polar Bear Pitching there is no time limit. However, the entrepreneurs have to give their pitches while standing waist deep in ice cold water on a stage carved in the frozen Baltic Sea. The event is livestreamed throughout the world.
A pool of investors is going to select 12 applicants for the Polar Bear Pitching Finals which takes place in Oulu, Finland, on Feb 15th, 2017. But that’s not all. All qualified startups will have an opportunity to pitch in an ice hole and meet investors! The day before the finals, Feb 14th, the first ever Dark Bear competition will be held in Oulu. Through the competition three dark horses i.e. dark bears will be selected to join the previously chosen 12 startups to pitch at Polar Bear Pitching Finals.

During the week Oulu is bursting with energy and great entrepreneurial events worth attending. There are workshops and networking and recruitment events, specific vertical meet-ups and even an international football tournament. And of course not forgetting the warm and cozy After Swim Party at the Oulu City Theater on Feb 15th.

SIX reasons to join Polar Bear Pitching

  1. Get funding and connections
    Connect with potential investors, customers, and partners worldwide and recruit new skills into your team.
  2. Gain visibility
    Our live stream is viewable throughout the world. It opens an ocean of opportunities which can help you in surprising ways. Also, we provide you with a video of your breathtaking performance which you will be free to use.
  3. Showcase your character
    Taking up the challenge is a great way to prove the world you have the perseverance, bravery, and passion that any successful startup needs to step out of the comfort zone, aim high, and push forward when going gets tough.
  4. Improve communication skills
    Learn to communicate the core of your business efficiently. If you will succeed in pitching in freezing cold water, you will succeed anywhere!
  5. Become a storyteller
    Our unforgettable experience gives you a story that won't leave anyone cold.
  6. Bond with the likeminded and have a blast!

Send your application at: https://polarbearpitching.typeform.com/to/IRzaTp

Learn more:
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Facebook: www.facebook.com/polarbearpitching/
Twitter and Instagram: @PolarBearPitch